ZW3D 2020

Flange with Profile

The shape of flanges can be customized freely in one sketch environment, significantly simplifying and accelerating the modeling process.

Enhanced Assembly

The logic of constraint status is more reasonable, allowing the well-defined components to be moved within a specific range.

Auto Drafting

2D drafts for multiple components or assemblies can be generated in batches. What’s more, the sheet, view layout, dimension and table can also be customized.

New Cooling Loop

Cooling systems can be created and modified more flexibly. And all parameters can be adjusted under a dynamic preview.

Tools for Standard Parts

More tools have been added to create and modify standard parts easily and efficiently, such as Positive Screw, Locating Rings, Wedge Lock, etc.

Updated Electrode Module

Electrode Blanks in Batches, Dynamic Circle, Bill of Electrodes, Electrode Attribute, Electrode Engraving, etc. are available for more efficient EDM design.

Full Machine Simulation

Full Machine Simulation can simulate the actual machining process by taking the kinematic models of machines into account, which can detect potential issues and ensure manufacturability.

3D Equidistant Step Size

In 3X milling, 3D equidistant step size has been realized in Z level operation, delivering more accurate machining toolpaths.

Faster Batch Calculation

Multi-core can be used to process batch calculation, significantly shortening the calculation time, especially for complicated tasks.

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