ZWSim-EM 2019

Accurate, Accelerated, Affordable

ZWSim-EM is a 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulator with high precision, high efficiency, low memory footprint and powerful modeling capabilities. It is dedicated to providing users with an industry-specific, RF-related and all-in-one simulation solution.

Accurate And Fast

As the main algorithm of ZWSim-EM, EIT (Embedded Integral Technique) is a self-developed and leading technique based on FDTD (Finite-Different Time-Domain). Together with a series of technologies like Conformal Technology and Irregular Grid Processing Technology, the simulation accuracy and efficiency of ZWSim-EM are remarkable.

Powerful 3D Modeling

ZWSim-EM makes use of ZW3D’s powerful modeling capabilities like parametric modeling, enabling you to build and edit models directly in ZWSim-EM, to improve modeling efficiency and facilitate later optimization. Fully compatible with over 20 mainstream CAD formats, it helps import and export different CAD files freely.

Easy To Use

ZWSim-EM is easy-to-use with friendly user interface and clear workflow. The user interface can be customized by dragging different areas, and the simulation process is consistent with the design of user interface – you can set the entire simulation process from top to bottom in Navigation Tree, or from left to right in Ribbon Menu.

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