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2D Drafting

Auto-complete Command Input

Help to find commands more quickly


Multi-line text, full text editing functions


Insert raster images, support formats like JPEG, PNG and BMP


Collect geometry together into one object which you can use repeatedly

External Reference

Attach other DWG drawings as references


Use table to present data like revision table or bill of materials


Attach multi-leader annotations

Associative Dimension

Dimension adjusted along with the geometric objects

Revision Cloud

Mark the revision items with free-form clouds around them and call attention to them

Layer Properties Manager

Set layer properties like color, linetype and VP Freeze

PDF Underlay Manger

Manage all PDF Underlays conveniently

Cycle Selection

Check and select overlapped objects easily

Attribute Block

Block embeds textual information such as inventory numbers, prices, description and more

Zoom and Pan

Pressing the mouse wheel or rolling to pan and zoom, easily manipulate the view

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