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Consolidated Contractors Company

Consolidated Contractors Company, a leading company carrying out construction and engineering projects worldwide, picked ZWCAD to deliver large building designs.

ZWCAD is not only at a reasonable price but also can fulfill almost all the design needs. It is stable that unintended errors barely occur. The easy-to-use functions allow our designers to use it at first hand.

Eng. Loai Athamneh

IT Support Manager at CCC



New Optics Ltd.

New Optics Ltd., a leading BLU, LGP, LCD TV and OLED TV manufacturer in South Korea, benefits from the compatibility and useful features of ZWCAD. Their team collaboration and product development are hence facilitated.

We are enjoying tighter interoperability with ZWCAD. When it is time to convert the file formats, the drawings retain much greater integrity.

Mr. Lee

Former CEO of New Optics



Deltamarin Poland

Deltamarin, one of the world-renowned shipbuilders, selects ZWCAD to create high-quality and innovative vessel designs for their clients worldwide.

We use ZWCAD to simplify design work and editing. A wide range of functions and flexible licensing allow us to work comfortably and without any problems. The functionality of ZWCAD certainly meets our requirements.

Jadwiga Sztelwander-Zieba

General Manager at Deltamarin Poland



SAIC Motor Corporation Limited

SAIC, a Fortune Global 100 automaker trusts ZWCAD with high design efficiency and seamless data exchange between different departments.

ZWCAD can read and edit the data we used, and at the same time, automatically generated list can be directly used for post-production and processing, which greatly improves the development productivity.

Mr. Wang

Engineer at SAIC



CH. Karnchang Public Company Limited

CH. Karnchang leads in the construction of comprehensive public infrastructure in Thailand. With ZWCAD, the MRT and many other public projects were completed.

From the development history of ZWSOFT, we can see that it keeps making progress step by step. The functions and features of ZWCAD are competitive compared with other providers. Look forward to more surprises in the future!

Anusorn Semathong

Chief System Administrator at CH. Karnchang



Polytechnische Schule Schwanenstadt

With ZWCAD, students of technical professions at PTS Schwanenstadt can become skilled at reading and drafting basic engineering drawings in the field they desire to devote to.

ZWCAD is cool! You can learn the basics quickly and the graphical interface is self-explanatory. Constructing drawings on the computer is very exciting

Anusorn Semathong

Chief System Administrator at CH. Karnchang

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