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ZWCAD 2019 SP2

Enriched Right-click Menu of 3DORBIT

More options have been added to the right-click menu of 3DORBIT, such as Virtual Aids, Shade Mode, Zoom Windows/Extents/Previous, Reset/Preset/Named View, etc., making 3DORBIT easier and handier to use.

Digital Signature on DWG Files

Digital Signature can now be attached to the current drawing or a batch of drawings in DWG2004, DWG2010, DWG2013 and DWG2018, and can also be verified by SIGVALIDATE.


PDF, together with the geometric objects, hatch objects, raster images and TrueType text contained in it, can now be imported to the current drawing, making it convenient to get and edit what you want from PDF files.

Multifunctional Grip Menu for PLINE and

Multifunctional Grip Menu for PLINE and HATCH is now supported, offering multiple options like Stretch, Add or Remove Vertex, Convert to Arc, etc. You can now edit polylines and hatched objects more conveniently and efficiently.

Export to DWFx

Drawings can now be plotted, published and exported to DWFx format.

Custom Color Scheme

In the former version, Dark is the default color scheme helping reduce visual fatigue. Now Light is also available as another option to satisfy different preferences.

PDF / DWFx Underlay

Both PDF and DWFx files can be attached to your current drawing as underlays and references, so that you can continue to work on the existing designs, instead of starting from scratch.

Annotative Object

Annotations like dimensions and texts can be set as Annotative Objects, enabling their sizes to be adjusted automatically according to different view scales in Model space or Layout viewport, to guarantee their readability on screen and in plotting.

Smart Plot

With Smart Plot, multiple frames can be plotted all at once from the Model space with ZWPLOT command. More efficient plotting process is realized.

Layer Properties Manager Palette

Layer Manager is now turned into a palette, which means that you can operate in the drawing area with the Layer Manager on and the adjustments in it can be updated instantly in the drawing area.


Polar tracking on Z-Axis is available now in 3D design. You can draw lines parallel to Z-Axis easily without any other construction lines or switching to different views.

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